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'Botanicals' is the term that signifies plant-based products. Any product got to do anything to do with, or derived from, plants are botanicals. After all, the study of plants is 'Botany'!!

Botanicals are the plant-based products that find their place in the medical and cosmetic arena, as people trust the effect of plant-based products to be less harsh as compared to other synthetic allopathic drugs and chemical cosmetic products.

Botanicals are extremely popular due to their composition and nature.

In a country like India, where adopting traditional age-old remedies are commonly witnessed, especially in every household in rural India, the demand for botanicals and medical plants is increasing like never before. This, along with the popularity of botanicals, is also due to the technological advancement of science in the field of herbs, herbal extracts and botanicals.

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We possess everything it takes to provide the best quality of botanicals, whether it is technologically advanced laboratories and manufacturing facilities, professional expertise, experienced scientists for conducting R&D, a section that is involved in the cultivation of plants and herbs, so as to make sure that the production of botanicals never comes to a standstill!

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