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Herbal Extracts Manufacturer & Exporter

Group Background, Founded in 1956

The K. Patel Group is a reflection of the dedication and entrepreneurial vision of its founder, Mr. Meghjibhai K. Patel. A dynamic, down to the earth person, he with his indomitable courage and will-power, set out to establish K. Patel foothold into myriad activities successfully.

Mr. Meghjibhai's younger brother Mr. Gopalbhai K. Patel brushed shoulders with him in his maiden foray into the industrial manufacturing arena. Thus the concrete foundations of a 'K. PATEL GROUP' were laid. As the nation progressed, K. Patel group's enterprise grew by leaps and bounds and during this period the group diversified its business activities in the manufacturing of viz : Basic dyes and chemicals, Pigments, Specialty Chemicals, Enameled Copper wires and Real Estate business.

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