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VIGOUR  is proprietary  Extract of  Fruits of Emblica officinalis (Amla-The Indian Super Fruit).

VIGOUR due to its proprietary manufacturing process it has additional benefits as compared to available conventional extracts of AMLA.

  • VIGOUR is clinically proven for benefits of Skin Hydration, Antioxidant levels, IgE levels and triglycerides levels.
  • VIGOUR is having very high Combined ORAC value >15000 µmole TE/g with high HORAC and Superoxide ORAC value.
  • VIGOUR is 100% freely water soluble.
  • VIGOUR is very rich in intact hydrolysable gallotannins.
  • VIGOUR is prepared under cGMP compliant facilities, with unique proprietary technology.
  • VIGOUR is sour which is its predominant taste


  • High Orac Value 15,740 μmole TE/gram
  • 100% Safe to Use
  • Rich source of Vitamin C
  • Water used as Solvent
  • Standardized for Hydrolysable Tannins
  • Water Soluble Amla Extract
  • Developed from Unique Manufacturing Process
  • Various Therapeutic and Nutritional Uses
  • Light colour of Vigour will help to keep the appearance of your existing and new products formulation intact

Actives in Amla

Effects of Amla Vigour

A randomized single blind placebo controlled clinical study to evaluate the efficacy of Amla capsule in different parameters suggesting an improved quality of life in the young sufferers of acne vulgaris. Indices include skin hydration, anti-oxidant effect, IgE levels and triglycerides


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Nutraceutical Dietary Supplements
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