Manufacturing Facility

  • 36 acres of sprawling infrastructure housing 125000 sqft plant
  • Total extraction capacity of over 4000 tons per year
  • GMP certified plant as per Food & Pharma norms
  • Multiple products and category can be processed simultaneously
  • Dedicated facility as per the pharma norms for APIs
  • Qualified and experienced human resource
  • High technology equipment and suitable process for each product to assure consistent quality & stable compound
  • Utilities conform to world class standards
  • Process product at low temperature to avoid deterioration in active ingredients
  • Least contamination ensuring process and materials handling practices, that ensures contamination-free end-products.
  • R&D for process & product development with pilot plant
  • Regular audit by international agencies
  • Large Storage area for Pre-quarantine and quarantined raw material as well as WIP
  • Effluent treatment plant to ensure environment protection

Research & Development

  • Modern fully equipped pilot plant set up with Q.C. Lab
  • Latest instruments and equipments for taking different trial testing
  • Experienced and qualified technicians and experts
  • Carry out research on routine products as well as New Product Development

Quality control & assurance

  • Fully equipped lab with modern instruments and testing devices
  • HPLC , GC, Spectrophotometer, BOD/COD Incubators, Spectrofluorometer , TLC systems …….
  • End to end traceability of raw materials till finished products
  • In process quality checks to ensure consistent final product quality
  • The ingredients are standardized with strict quality control to ensure consistent composition, safety and potency
  • The quality assurance procedures are well documented and available for audits


  • Ensure regular and consistent supply of plantation raw materials every season
  • Quality checks for plantation at cultivation source
  • Contractual farming arrangements with cultivators supporting their economic viability
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